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iREWORK&iPOWER_X V3.2 Full Installer

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We're pleased to announce the release of iREWORK & iPOWER X 3.2.

  • This is a major release with many new exciting features.

All Changelogs listed here:

  • Improved the graphical interface, now iREWORK and iPOWER X interfaces are similar and more intuitive
  • Fixed blocking when using bigger line width of graph
  • Fixed box disconnect issues due to communications errors (Now software will reconnect automatically)
  • Cursors usage has changed. Now just click on the graph two times to select cursors position and measure. (For iPOWER X)
  • Fixed various crashes when 50ms was selected (For iPOWER X)
  • Fixed various selection crash issue while playing recording (For iPOWER X)
  • Markers function changed (Now click on graph first then add markers by using shortcut key )
  • Markers fit problem solved for Chinese characters
  • Software version update to V3.2
  • Box firmware updated to be faster and more accurate


Mega Download link :!GYAWTKaC!rv6TGwfq_FaOK1pOBKVnqlkNgehRzdBn4LxVGMukI80

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