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MFC V2.2 Full Installer

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  • Add Apple Watch S2 Full Support by iBUS S2 Tool (World first)
  • Add Apple Watch USB multiplexor customize driver by MFC TEAM
  • Add Force Msgtyepes function to keep flash iDevice by old way
  • Add Preventing update baseband function (update BB)
  • Add IPR function support 10.3.2 for activated iDevice (Read iCloud passcode) (World first)
  • Add Apple Server Block local IP check function (IPR)
  • Improve Update /Restore iDevice without usb data cable by mfc software
  • Improve Apple Watch S0 / S1 3.x update function by iBUS S1 Tool
  • Improve Apple Watch S0 / S1 3.x restore function by iBUS S1 Tool
  • Improve MFC Software S/N Detection issue
  • Major refactoring to the configuration file for mfc software
  • All old client version stoped on server
  • Server side update to support new client v2.2

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