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Activate iBUS usage rights and firmware download

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Why need activate iBUS on mfcbox.com ?

A, Will be able to restore or update your watch by using mfc software (MFC Dongle Or IMFC Activation required)
B, Will be able to download firmware from apple watch firmware download section

Related iBUS activation permission and support models ?

  • Requires Activate iBUS S4/5
    Watch SE
    Watch Series 6
    Watch Series 5
    Watch Series 4
  • Requires Activate iBUS S2
    Watch Series 3
    Watch Series 2
  • Requires Activate iBUS S1
    Watch Series 1
    Watch Series 0 (1st Generation)

Activate your product by serial number:

  • Go to dashboard and choose related product and activate by serial number, Once activated, ibus will work within the valid date, if the date expires but you still want to use it, you have to renew it on mfcbox.com in the dashboard..

Firmware download:

  • Firmware download is an additional free service and requires iBUS membership activation , Even you bought the iBUS products we still can't guarantee that you'll always get the available files all the time , thanks


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