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Calibration soldering iron tips temperature

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Calibration soldering iron tips temperature:

  • Maintenance personnel have a daily habit of regularly self-testing the temperature and leak voltage of the soldering iron.

How to calibration soldering iron tips temperature by iREWORK:

  • Clean the iron tip
  • Set a temperature of the soldering iron to be tested (e.g. 200°C)
  • Take a small amount of solder tin and melt it onto the tip
  • Open iREWORK temperature Tester
  • Gently touch the soldering iron tip to the specified position of the sensor (about 5 seconds)
  • Read the test temperature (T) result from iREWORK software or LCD Screen

PS, Usually stays in the range of about ±3°C~ ±5°C, Due to once the test sensor oxidizes, it will become mor difficult to accurately measure the temperature, Please replace the sensor after approximately 50 measurements.

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