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MFC Software Login

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MFC/iMFC Software Login problem ?

  • MFC Software requires input the username and password that is same access on mfcbox.com. and you must take care about the case-sensitive issue, Eg, Your username on mfcbox.com is Denis, Then you must input username as Denis not denis.


Can not login ?

A. You need register a valid account on mfcbox.com
B. You need activate your PRODUCT under this account (A), with the serial number, IF by access only you need activate iMFC permissions
C. Before you login check the software if detected Serial Number. (M1 or M2 to read S/N) - MFC DONGLE USER, iPOWER X USER iREWORK USER

  • M1: Go to MFC Tools Tab "Read SN" Or under iDevice Tab press "Update" checkbox then input the dongle and waiting the procedure finish
  • M2: Put dongle in boot mode (GND+ P0) , then try M1

D, For iMFC User, you must be sure your account  still under the validity period (Or your IP address & Computer change too often, If so you have to waiting 24~48Hs then able to do next login)

      [serv] Please check your IP address! Login not allowed! Please wait and retry!
      [serv] Message from server: Please check your IP address! Login not allowed! Please wait and retry!
      [erro] Server init state canceled

E. Software version too old. (Once new version released old version will be expired)

      [serv] Client Version not supported!
      [serv] Message from server: Client Version not supported!
      [erro] Server init state canceled

F. Re-login after 2 mins or shutdown the computer firewall

      [serv] Connecting to host instance 1 using TCP problem port 9430! [error] WSA Code: 10060 - A connection attempt failed ...

G. Your memberships unique validity period expired (If you want to continue to use , you have to renewal)

H. Usually we use  "Main"  server

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