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How watch device diagnostic free by mfc software ?

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How watch device diagnostic free by mfc software ?

  • To use this function, you must have a valid membership

Hardware requirements (Any of the following product combinations are supported and must be activated on mfcbox.com to obtain valid membership, )

  • iMFC + iBUS
  • iREWORK + iBUS
  • iPOWER X + iBUS

Windows System / Software requirements

  • Windows 10 64bit (Recommend intel CPU,AMD have bug )
  • MFC Software > = V3.7
  • iTunes > = Version (Not required if you knew install the driver manually)

Support Models

  • Apple Watch S1 S2 S3 GPS model


How is work ?

  1. Put device into DFU mode and connect to mfc software via iBUS (Cable can be lightning USB or DCSD)
  2. Select connecting device, go to Diag tab press "Load Diag" button and waiting for the diagnostic process to complete automatically
  3. Once done you can choose read & Write function as needed

E.G. Watch S3, After you changed the Serial Number, Bluetooth And Wifi Data (Usually Can Use A7 Or A8 Data,Eg, iPad min), You maybe need manually reset the Watch, Then You will be able to pair with your Phone.

Q, What Data have to change ?
A, Serial Number、 Bluetooth Address And Wifi Address

Q, Please check driver and manually update the driver or can not select the com port
A1, Go to Deivce manager then select usb apple mobile device and update CDC driver from c:/mfc/usb_driver,after back to software , Press load diag again and the com port is usually automatically selected by the software if CDC driver is loaded correctly.
A2, If update driver failed , you need Disable Driver Signature Enforcement by manually way  Or simple way for win10 , After driver signature disabled, open mfc software diag function again, just click load diag, this will help you automactic install CDC Driver

Q, After data change , Why still not able to pair with iPhone ?
A, The data you used maybe fake, Or you may need manually reset the device to factory defaults before do pair

Q, After data change need flash device again ?

A, No need reflash

Q, Exploiit Failed
A, You need to put the device again into DFU mode and repeat the above steps 1 2 , sometimes also because of bad USB cable (you must make sure to use the original Lightning USB or DCSD cable)

Demo Video:



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