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MFC 4 in1 Suite V3.9 Installer

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MFC 4 in1 Suite V3.9 Installer compatiable for mfc dongle、IREWORK and iPOWER X devices.

V3.9 other download link:  Ufile Download   Or Mediafire Download

2022/01/05 Changes - V3.9

  • Improved itunes 1110 repair function
  • Fix login bugs
  • Update login error logs
  • Update the software to display the latest software version
  • Other small bugs fix
  • Software version updated to V3.9
  • Stop all old software version

2022/01/02 Changes - V3.8

  • Add support all new iPad models
  • Add support all new iPhone models
  • Add support to all iPad/ iPhone repair function,i.e.1110 error
  • Add support flash function by USB-C cable
  • Add forced "Stop" button
  • Update display icon for new models
  • MFC Server side update to support all new models
  • Fix small bugs for Apple watch Diag function
  • Update software support running under windows 11
  • Software version updated to V3.8

      How to repair 1110 :

2021/10/16 Changes - V3.7.1

  • Bug fixes for your iPhone /iPad /Apple Watch
  • Update to compatible for new iOS version (15+) and new WatchOs version (8+)
  • update support new iPhone models
  • Required do complete installation through the installer v3.7 first,  then download this new fix version extract to C:/mfc

2021/8/30 Changes - V3.7 Fix

  • A quickly fixed version for DFU Driver issue
  • Required do complete installation through the installer v3.7 first,  then download this new fix version extract to C:/mfc

 2021/8/29 Changes -V3.7

  • Free add Load Diag Function to support Apple Watch Support S1 S2  (iBUS  S1 S2 activation required,  Other connectors may not support . Don't use that  )
  • Improved the diag data load function to be more stable
  • Improved driver issue for restore / update function (Watch)
  • Add support to restore / update the latest iOS version
  • Add support apply a new face changing function for watch
  • iPOWER X Box firmware updated
  • Other small bugs fix

 2021/7/8 Changes - V3.6 Beta 3

  • Improved USB detection issue
  • Improved Watch Update/Restore function

2021/5/29 Changes -V3.6 beta 2

  • Improved Watch Load Diag function by Lightning USB Cable
  • Other small bugs fix


2021/5/27 Changes -V3.6 beta 1

  • Added Watch Load Diag function (Published for S3, MFC or iMFC activation required, iBUS S2 ( Other connectors may not support . Don't use that ) activation required )
  • Added Update RTC Time function
  • Added Syscfg verify backup function
  • Added Syscfg data auto saving in logs function
  • Improved Arduino option working more stable
  • Improved Diag Console function
  • Improved read syscfg function
  • Solved some error when clearing history
  • Other small bugs fix


2021/5/04 Changes -V3.53 beta

  • Add use Arduino option for diags function (beta ! this will automatic programming Arduino board)
  • Improved apple watch detection
  • Fix Apple watch unknow data request issue
  • Other small bugs fix

2021/2/10 Changes -V3.5 beta 1

  • Add Com Port Refresh Function
  • Add All Area /Region syscfg Selection
  • Add Backlight testing function
  • Add read Battery All Data function
  • Add read Device Temperature data / Nand Data function
  • Add test function for Compress / Touch / PhotoSensor / Button etc
  • Improved Backup All syscfg Data function
  • Fixed Write Syscfg backup Data function
  • Fixed Driver install for WTF mode
  • Other small bugs fix

2021/1/25 Changes -V3.4

  • Updated support flashing for newer iDeives models and Watch S5 & SE (including for latest iOS version)
  • Updated iPR for newest iOS versions
  • Added iMFC only accounts (login with username and password for Flash and Load diag functions)
  • Added Load Diag function for iPhone 7, up to iPhone X (can be used with normal USB cable or with a DCSD cable)
  • Reorganized the software structure. Now all the MFC Dongle functions are inside the MFC tab.
  • And more

2020/8/29 Changes -V3.3.1

  • Improved open software blocked issue for non english windows system
  • Improved restore / update function (For watch S3/S4/S5)
  • Add Skip Verify function (will not verify if the flash file is ok before flashing)
  • Define general flash error code description (E.G. 9,14,27,56 and more)

2020/8/10 Changes -V3.3 Final

  • Implemented libusb and WINUSB working in the same time (Reuqired itunes v12.10.8.5)
  • Improved multiple devices connecting sockets non-blocking
  • Improved Apple watch lockdown pair record handling
  • Improved Apple watch S4/S5 restore / update function By using iBUS s4/5
  • Add Purple diagnostic function free (in extended testing)
  • Fix Various memory leak and deadlock bugs
  • Fix gui bugs

2020/7/23 Changes -V3.3 Beta 3

  • Improved FDR timeout issue
  • Improved update /restore function under windows 32bit
  • Improved history loading
  • Improved multi same model device operating in same time
  • Added to detect device UDID in recovery mode for the first attach
  • Solved some bugs when closing the software

2020/7/22 Changes -V3.3 Beta 2

  • Changed the idevice connection handling
  • Changed to read ECID once idevice connected
  • Changed the SSL handshake, now SSL is automatically selected based on iOS version
  • Add display USB or Network under Connection Type (NORMAL, DFU ETC)
  • Some gui bugs fixs

2020/7/21  Changes - V3.3 Beta 1

  • Add support all new Apple iPhone
  • Add support all new Apple Watch
  • Add support all new Apple iPad
  • Add iREWORK and iPOWER X Software inside (We may enable iREWORK and iPOWER X to use iMFC Function in next update)
  • IPR function updated
  • Server side update to support new client 3.3

2020/3/17  Changes - V3.2 Beta2

  • Server side update to support new iOS version


2019/11/27  Changes - V3.2 Beta1

  • 3 in 1 beta version released (With iPower X , iREWORK and MFC)
  • Server side IPR Credits cost updated
  • iPR Update to support new models

2019/05/13 Changes - Server Update

  • Disabled Huawei Support
  • IPRecovery Function updated to support New iOS Version

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