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About itunes 1110 error repair by mfc




-- Updated 2021/01/05

Many of the iDevice with iOS 15 version that may getting stuck in endless loop and while trying to restore via iTunes that's will giving error as below

  • Could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (1110)

The problem is because the device does not have enough space to capture the file system etc during updating. and If you continue this step, the device will get stuck in the Apple logo and you may lose all the data. For now, Apple support center may help you replacement the device for free. But you will lost all the data if haven't backups. In case of this , MFC team did 2 months research & testing on market, and we charged $235 for per phone while we doing this , now the solution published as a free gift for all MFC user. We believe this is the world's first software solution to fix iTunes 1110 error

  • Now if you have license for mfc software or valid memberships product that you can do this job completed free through mfc software 

Function Features:

  • 100% data saved ,without any loss
  • No Hardware work Required
  • Approximately 30 minutes per phone

Support Models:

  • Any iPhone and iPad (New spftware version updated to support up to iPhone 13)

How to ?

  • Install the latest MFC software to computer
  • Open MFC Software and Click imfc, &do login (The access is same as what you used on

  • Connect the iPhone / iPad which need to repair VIA usb lightning cable  i.e. iPhone 12 etc
  • Once iPhone / iPad connected (Usually displayed in green colorDouble click it ,[You can repair 5 devices at the same time, but required your computer has enough space and good performance]

  • Go Flash Tab , Click "Repair" function (Here need choose the signed or any new beta firmware, if you don't know use which firmwre, Press Download Latest, software will auto download the firmware to  efault installed folder i.e. C:/MFC/iDeviceTools, then select it) to start repair process

  • MFC software will automatic repair 1110 error during this procedure, and this will take a little bit time , so just waiting
  • After Repair done you will see below logs on mfc software

    "[done] Done"
    "[done] Operation finished!"

  • And now your device may stuck on recovery mode , Software may display a popup box let you manually reboot the iPhone & iPad (DFU or recovery mode both are ok)
  • Once reboot do complete update via mfc "update" function, Once done , the iPhone & iPad will auto reboot, then Follow the prompts to complete the device settings

    "[done] Done"
    "[done] Operation finished!"

  • Congratulations, the repair process is complete Done, 



  • MFC software is only for personal study and research purposes, please do not used for commercial purposes, do not do anything illegal things, otherwise you need take all responsibility. MFC software has a unique validity period. After the validity period expired, if you want to continue using it, you need to pay for renewal.
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1110 error Solution

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