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About Old Watch S1 S2 DFU By iBUS


As far as we know, there are some early watch motherboards that can not be accessed DFU mode through by press 2 buttons (but not all motherboards ). Here we give a very simple solution. In fact, we can keep this solution to prevent those who like to steal the solution of others to show off to defraud money. And recently I also found that some unkind people on Twitter or Facebook describe iBUS harshly, but what I want to tell these people is that you are ignorant and stupid ! You don’t know why and how iBUS is give the the world’s first solution for Watchs at 5 years ago. anyway here it is:

The Solution A: If you only Do flash / Restore Job and want enter DFU, You can use iPOWER X,  Connect the usb lightning cable to iPOWER X USB output port. and do this :

  • Press and hold both the Digital Crown and the Side Button (Or called Power on Button), Waiting screen shutdown and keeping 3 seconds then releasing Side Button (Or called Power on Button).
  • Keep holding Digital Crown and waiting 10 seconds.

The Solution B:  This is 0.01$ (1N4148) Cost and 5 mins job by handmade, Put 1N4148 Diode on USB Connector VCC PIN to Drop the Power to 4.2~4.7V, For Diag Function, this always required.

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Watch DFU

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