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iPOWER X V3.0 official release

We're pleased to announce the release for iPOWER X 3.0, This is a major release with many new features and bugfixes. It's recommended all users upgrade to this version.

All Changelogs listed here:

Box Firmware updates:
  • Modified box firmware and main software to support 3 digits for Output Voltage and Test Voltage;
  • Modified box firmware to output data at a much faster rate (> 1000points per second/channel) in order to detect small fluctuations of current or voltage; the Graph Update rate is displayed in the computer software near the buffer size;

Software updates:
  • Redesigned the data aquisition procedure and data display so it can support much faster data rates;
  • Added Communication Speed option in Software and Box's Firmware enabled to talk at higher baudrates with the software (default is 115200bps and now 230400, 614400 and 921600bps are available too);
  • Time/DIV setting to select X axis unit time (The graph is formed by 10 time units);
  • Added Trigger parameters - the trigger can be edited to a desired value for each channel and once the desired value will be reached the graph will start recording and stop after the 10 time units *Time/DIV setting. If trigger parameters are zero then the trigger function will be disabled;
  • Trigger sweep mode dictates if the trigger will fire one time and stop, or will fire continuously. There are two settings, NORMAL and SINGLE;
  • Recording of almost unlimited time (depends on computer memory and hard drive space);
  • Added crosshair cursor (the two green lines that form a cross) to be easy to measure graph current position and value. It will calculate graph voltage, current, current time in current screen, total time from zero;
  • Added normal time cursors (to measure precise time between 2 points). This can be enabled disabled by checking the Cursors checkbox;
  • Added LOAD and SAVE function for graph that will output .dso file types;
  • Organized graphic function in channels (default channels are Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Current, Test Voltage). This channels are organized in groups and there is a default group. Channels cane be hidden displayed individually and also in groups;
  • Added Analog display function in case oscilloscope function is not required;
  • Added "Property" type menu on the right side of graph to be easy to manager related settings;
  • Modified top axis to display time from start of recording;
  • Modified right axis to represent Current in Amperes, so the current is better displayed at higher voltages. (So the left axis is the voltage axis, right axis is the current axis, top axis is the time from start axis, and bottom axis the the current frame time axis);
  • Added Markers that can be edited and added by the user for each channel. This markers will be useful to compare previous measurements againts new measurements and detect problems for devices; A max of 100 markers are available for each channel. Markers can be added also by using keyboard shortcuts (C, V, T, I);
  • Added horizontal time selection slider used to navigate in graph once stopped;
  • Added Show/Color function for individual graph elements (can show/hide channels, show hide/targets, change channel display color);
  • Saving a graph the user must check if the "Save" property is checked for each channel if wants to save. By default this is TRUE. Also if the user press 'SHIFT' while pressing Save will force the software to save Markers and Channel information only and not channel data;
  • After loading a graph the the user can adjust "Offset" property for each channel group (a .dso file represents a channel group). This will force the data to be displayed by adding the "Offset" value to each individual point so when entire group can be moved by X seconds left or right in graph. "Offset" represents seconds and can be positive or negative;
  • Support complete Chinese and English interface;
  • Added Auto Pulse function. The Auto pulse function will start and stop the power supply after a configurable amount of time for a configurable amount of times. This can be stopped by pressing STOP button or by disabling the Auto pulse checkbox;
  • Added Voltage Calibration function to calibrate box and display more precise voltage and current readings;
  • Added Current Calibration function to calibrate the current display to a zero offset. Please use this function after the voltage calibration is complete;

  • Various crashes during aquisition;
  • Correct display of markers labels;
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iPOWER X 3.0

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