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MFC Dongle V1.2.6 Released


Changelogs for MFC Dongle V1.2.6 ?

iDevice Changelogs:

  • iDevice iOS 8.x :
    • Add "iOS 8-8.1 auto V7" option (Detection Value Display on Phone Screen)
      • Add "Stripes Pattern" Use to Put MFC light Sensor (World first)
      • Add Light Sensor Current Detected Status Value "L"
      • Add MFC LEDs Activating Fast Blinking Mode Function After Code Found
      • Change Phone Communication Current Detected Status Value "S"
      • Change Phone Current Detected Code Value "Code"
      • Screen Message display time Improved
      • V7 Firmware updated on Server

iDevice Tools Changelogs:

  • Add User /System Applications Read Function
  • Add User /System Applications Update Function
  • Add User /System Applications Install Function
  • Add User /System Applications Uninstall Function
  • Add One button Restart iDevice Function
  • Add One button ShutDown iDevice Function
  • Add One button Read iDevice Diagnostics info Function
  • Add One button Read iDevice Time info Function
  • Add One button Sync iDevice Time Function
  • Add One button Set iDevice Time Function (Beta)

MFC Tools Changelogs:

  • Add useful /Help Link
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