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MFC Dongle V1.2.5 Released


Changelogs for MFC Dongle V1.2.5 ?

MacBook Changelogs:

  • Add "EFI Boot Mode v2" option (New)
    • Add support different character Keyboard (World First)
    • Add Black Background Device unlock supported (World First)
    • Add Old & New Sensors Working supported
    • Add the "Alphabet" function
    • Add "Clear" memory logs function

iDevice Changelogs:

  • iDevice iOS 7.x :
    • Add "iOS 7 auto V2.4" option (New)
      • Add light sensor connection status checks
      • The "Most Used 20 codes" function changed (1004 issue)
  • iDevice iOS 8.x :
    • Add "iOS 8-8.1 auto V7" option (New)
      • Add Delay waiting Phone to charge function for each 50 reboots (World First)
      • Add light sensor connection status checks function
      • Add POWER/HOME button connection status checks function

iDevice Tools Changelogs:

  • Add Read iDevice Full Information (IMEI & Serial) (World First)
  • Graphical User Interface response time bugs fixed

MFC Tools Changelogs:

  • Add Customize Calculator to set up the correct delay time for "iOS 8-8.1 auto V7" (World First)

Others Changelogs:

  • Fixed bugs on Windows XP
  • Some settings bugs fixed
  • Other small reported bugs fixed
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