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Tested and supported huawei mobile list by mfc dongle


Huawei support / tested model list - (2016-7-30):

  • G9 (Venus/VNS-TL00)
  • P9 (EVA-AL00/EVA-AL10) All Models
  • P9 Plus (VIE-AL10)
  • P9max (P950S/X3)
  • P8 (GRA-UL10/UL00/TL10/TL00/CL10/CL00)--All Models
  • P8max (Ascend P8 Max/DAV-703L)
  • P8 Lite (ALE-TL00/ALE-UL00)
  • Mate 8 (NXT-AL10/TL10/CL10/DL10)--All Models
  • Mate 7 (MT7-TL00/TL10/CL10/UL10)--All Models
  • Mate 2 (MT2-L05/L02/C00)
  • Mate S (CRR-UL00/CL00/UL20/TL00)--All Models
  • Mate (X1/Ascend mate)
  • Ascend P7 (P7-L00/Sophia/As/P7-L05/P7-L07)--All Models
  • Ascend P6 (P6-U00/P6-C00) --All Models
  • Ascend P6 S (P6S-u00)
  • Ascend P2 (GL07S)
  • Ascend P2 Mini
  • Ascend D1 (T9510E/U9510/U9510E)
  • Ascend D2 (D2-2010/0082/6070/500)-- All Models
  • Ascend D3 (Mate 3)
  • Ascend G710 (A199)

Some Factory Models tested:

  • Mate 9 (Factory Model Tested)
  • Mate 8 Plus (P950S Factory Model Tested)
  • Mate 8 Small (Factory Model Tested)
  • Mate 7S (Mate 7 Mini/CRR-UL00/CRR-CL0)(Factory Model Tested)
  • Mate S2 (Factory Model Tested)
  • Ascend D7 (Factory Model Tested)
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Huawei support list

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